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Katie Barlasis a professional violinist, violist and entertainer from Berlin. With her brilliant performance, the charming violinist fascinates her audiences all over Europe at concerts, private events and corporate events.

Katie was born on Crimea, grew up in a musical family and started playing the violin when she was 6 years old. As a 10-year-old she won her first competition for young violinists, followed by several national competitions in Russia and  became a place at the State Music School Frederic Chopin for gifted children in Moscow. This was followed by 4 years of training in Lyudmila Wernigora's class at the Gnesin Music College in Moscow, where she discovered her love for the viola. 

Her talent led her to Germany for professional training with the Studies  in the viola class of Professor Felix Schwartz at the University of Music and Theater Rostock, Germany. During her studies she took part in many chamber music festivals in Tallinn, Munich and Rostock and won an HMT chamber music award in the trio-sextet category.

In addition to the classic career in various symphony - and  Chamber orchestras as a violist, she now works worldwide as a solo violinist and entertainer in the areas of media, events and shows. In recent years she has been involved in TV shows, awards and events such as Goldene Henne, Jose Carreras Gala and Bundespresseball in Germany, made studio recordings and video productions for Nico SantosVincent Weiss, Marianne Rosenberg, Roland Kaiser and GQ Awards. In 2019 she won a casting for the Volkswagen advertising campaign. 

Katie has been a part of the Violin Dance Show Angelstrings since 2012 and to this days , which  presents show programs worldwide. She is also as a  violinist, dancer and singer of Berlin Show Orchestra active, which performs with many world-famous international stars such as Billie Ocean, Bonnie Tyler and Samatha Fox.

In 2015 she went on a European tour with the Till Bronner Orchestra, with whom she played concerts on the most beautiful stages in Germany and Switzerland. Since 2018 Katie has been a permanent member of the Martin Herzberg's Ensemble, the well-known German "piano whisperer" Martin Herzberg, with whom she went on tour several times as a violist.

Katie discovered her passion for world music and crossover when she was a music student. She is considered a versatile artist who covers many genres dominated - from Irish folk and orient, to swing, electro and Bollywood, and is therefore particularly valued  among international customers. As a show act she performs at many corporate, public and private events throughout Germany and regularly in the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

In Berlin, Katie devotes herself the musical education of children at a music school and teaches a private violin class. 

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